And Wikidocs goes to ….. ATLASSIAN

After 3 years of building this startup with disruptive technology … it’s like Google Docs but for any web application with only 3 lines of code … Haymo Meran, my partner and close friend, moved to Silicon Valley and San Francisco to present this service to the IT world in 2014. After extrem positive feedback of famous IT companies we were confident that we are on the right track for creating something great.

In Jan 2014 we found investment partners (SpeedInvest and APA) which helped us to grow the business and lead it to a global development.

Then Haymo and Tobias (our chief developer) got an invitation to Sydney and a possibility to present the technology to Atlassian, a very worldwide successful Australian IT software company.

The following month we worked to together to prepare the way to integrate our technology into their awesome products and on September 10th 2014 Atlassian announced the acquisition of our startup Wikidocs.

Wooohoooo … great news. Haymo and Tobias moved to Syndey and are thrilled to help making Atlassian products even more collaborative (in realtime).

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