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Who am I?

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They say I'm a serial entrepreneur & mentor.

I started my entrepreneurial career almost in a garage (it was a library) and more than 20 years ago, me and some of my friends founded a software company (an Enterprise CMS vendor) which got acquired - Gentics. At the same time, we built a tech startup (a real-time collaborative editing technology) that didn't made it fully to market, because it got acquired by Atlassian. Wikidocs. After these 2 adventures and a creative break, I joined an electrive vehicle charging software startup (has.to.be) that became the biggest exit in Austria (300M$).

Right now, I'm the head of growth and co-founder of Usersnap, the #1 customer feedback solution for SaaS companies which actually got acquired in 2023.

I'm an enthusiastic triathlete 🚴‍, loving family father ❤️ and an advocate for lifelong learning 📚. Investing in companies is fascinating but adding personal value to companies is my passion.

"Passion, team and growth are the main components for business success.
A good product comes automatically out of good teams and passion. 😉"

If you are interested in growing a SaaS business, listen/watch my podcast GroWTF? - a growth podcast of HOG Klaus-M.

Why is this relevant
for you?

Based on all experiences my partners and I accumulated, we want to give knowledge back to other companies. Many companies have awesome founders and great products and still don't get enough traction & growth to be ultimately successful.

As we don't want to be consultants, rather more like operative mentors, we founded The Scaling Team. We focus on international SAAS companies which have a lack in TEAM, PRODUCT or GROWTH. (Right now, we are fully engaged with Usersnap).

We join your team for a certain time and based on a mutually developed Scaling Plan and clear, challenging goals we will scale your business. Sounds interesting?

Michael Kräftner, CEO Celum

"Klaus-M. is a creative and fully dedicated professional who furthers the cause of his company in every possible way. Klaus-M. is one of those few people who are able to inspire and positively influence people around them. I thoroughly enjoy talking and working with Klaus-M."

What drives me?

My path to become a serial entrepreneur and mentor is based on three pillars that lead to an important Work-Life-Balance. These are Business, Family & Sports.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Working goal-oriented gives you a very clear focus. You have to build a strong culture and organisation, give your team self-confidence and possibilities to grow personally and this will lead to a successful business. Growth of your SaaS business is based on a few main pillars and a lot of work in between. As you know, there are now silver bullets but you can fire you lead bullets in the right direction. That's what I want to help you with.


I started in sales & marketing of a sales-led company but I was fascinated by the upcoming topic of growth hacking. To learn more, I joined a growth hacking agency, operated by an amazing person and expert Tamir Israely. Soon the search for growth became a passion. Growth hacking evolved to Growth Marketing and other topics like Product-led growth popped up and caught my interest.

At the end, it's all about how to bring your product to your target customers and bring them value AND get money for it. In the last 3 years, I did a deep dive into the B2B SaaS industry and learned a ton about customer discovery, user research, customer feedback and how to grow an online business like SaaS.

One of my presentations on Growth Hacking

Some other areas of my interest

Just let me give you a brief list (told you I love lists) of what else drives me:

  • How to build a success company with vision, goals and team
  • How to get to know people with interesting stories and build relationships
  • How can you get financially independent (Startup Investment, Stock, Crypto, Real Estate)
  • How to stay fit and healthy: Triathlon, Health and Fitness
  • Founding secret clubs & good karma clubs (Give Back Club)
  • How to have an amazing time - Diving, Sailing, Travelling
  • Building a training plan platform for Triathlon, Marathon, Bike races
  • Working with web technologies since 1994 (yieks) - I configured MySQL databases ;)
  • How to be happy

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